This isn’t one of my usual blog posts, however, as a mental health advocate I wanted to take the time to talk a little about 13 reasons why?
For those of you who haven’t yet heard of it, a) you should totally get netflix, and b) its about a 17 year old girl; Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and rather than leaving a note she leaves tapes. There are 13 sides which explain the 13 reasons why, all of which were sent to each person on the list.

So here’s 13 reasons why I found it flawed… Just kidding I couldn’t think of 13 but that would have been quite witty. But, whilst I enjoyed watching it, and I truly commend Netflix for this truthful, raw series, there are certain parts I really don’t like.
For example; notice how on the tapes Hannah is so hurt by the way these people hurt her? I feel for Hannah, but is it not a little hypocritical that she didn’t like the fact her peers had judged her for what they had heard, yet she judged the tall school journalist (I didn’t remember his name), she doesn’t even give him a chance to talk before she gives him the cold shoulder?
What about Clay? His biggest crime was not telling her that he loved her. But, again, hypocrisy because when did Hannah tell Clay she loved him? In fact she completely pushed him away. I understand the typical signs that someone is hurting, but what about before things went so wrong? She is as guilty as him, yet again.
There’s then the fact that actually, by sending out these tapes in a way that would mentally torture those they were sent to, she is being a hypocrite. She was tortured mentally by the emotions they caused without realising yet here she intentionally sets out to do the same? And the one person who deserved it; Bryce, didn’t receive a single tape.
The whole point that Hannah is trying to make with these tapes is that although it may seem like nothing to you, what you say and do can really effect a person, and the beautiful irony is, that for someone who understood that so well, she was most guilty…


Until next time;
Laura x


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