I’ve never been one to believe in deities. The concept to me seems somewhat baffling. I mean imagine having a single “super-being” if you will that has complete control of the universe, its creation, its plants, its cultures, its whole entirety, and the people in it and their behaviours. How could one person manage all of that single-handedly? Super-being or not, its impossible. Perhaps I’ll offend a few people with my views but just because these are my beliefs doesn’t mean to say I disagree with other people’s beliefs, I respect everybody’s view.

With that said, I’d never been exposed to the idea that perhaps we are our own “God” (generically speaking, his/her name does not matter). Within each of us lies our own God. This is something that from the moment it was proposed I’ve felt a sense of clarity about. The concept being as follows;
We are all our own God. Whilst our bodies remain firmly grounded our hearts and souls are free and wild God’s.
Most who seek comfort from a deity pray, they pray to the universe, to their God, to somebody or something. They pray for change in their life, or the world, which the deity controls. But perhaps prayer is being practised all wrong. Perhaps prayer is meant to open up our inner voice and therefore our inner God. We cannot change the world. We cannot change our circumstance. But we can pray to our inner God to find the strength we already had within to continue. We can pray to inner God to find a way which we already knew to work toward what we want.
You see since hearing about this belief, its became so clear. We needn’t ask a deity for things but ask ourselves for guidance in ways we already knew but were too distracted to find in ourselves.

Finally a belief which provides my life with some clarity.

Namasté – (nah-mas-tay) – My soul honours your soul. I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honour the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you because it is also within me. In sharing these things we’re united, we are the the same, we are one.


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