Mental Health Awareness Month

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month I’ve compiled this blog post. Its kinda difficult to write a post purely about MHAM when your entire blog is about mental health, however, I will try given the cause.
Also this blog post will contain this weeks rant about Dad’s girlfriend since she’s a crazy little stalker to put it politely. But for now; I digress.

MHAM is a month which I struggle with. I feel that a singular month isn’t long enough to completely outline mental health and how it effects people. Its simply not enough to talk about your own experiences and offer support for a month. These issues go on everyday for some people, so why isn’t all this publicity given during any other time of the year?
In order to see the change we want we need to talk about it 365 days a year. We need to share our experiences, we need to offer support. The TV broadcasters need to publicise these links they share this week/month, every single day. That’s how we fight the stigma. By talking about it everyday. Not when society dictates…


Part 2.

Crazy stalker.
So Dad’s girlfriend has always had a penchant for watching my every post on social media. Despite being blocked on everything. You see the image they’ve painted to everybody is that I’m a really bad person, when in actual fact one of my abusers still bullies me indirectly through social media. I get stalked and accused when not a single word has been exchanged between us for over 4 years.
I’m slightly hypocritical I have to admit. I watch her twitter. Maybe I shouldn’t, however, I’m only human and for two years her twitter and her facebook were bombarded with childish taunts toward me, knowing I couldn’t see them. She spoke about me to all her friends, and to my own family, referring to me as ‘fart face’. Googling my name. Dragging my name through the mud. For two years. No contact. Not a single tweet about her, not a single facebook post about her. All this bullying was completely unprovoked, yet she’d still been watching my every move, like the creepy little stalker she is.
So now we’re at the point where I watch her twitter, because I’m human and paranoia overtakes all morality. And she still tweets about me to her weird little cronies then tells them all I’m a psycho for retaliating. Because of course I’m a bad person. She watches my instagram and then creates issues for my younger brother accusing him of having seen me recently because I posted an old photo of us. Yet I’m still the bad person.
As you can see I’m an evil psychopath like she says.

Anybody who reads this and has some constructive advice on what to do about Little Miss Stalker: I’d really appreciate it!

Laura x


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